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Jan Oevermann


I am a PhD candidate at University of Bremen and Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences.

My research interest is the improvement of semantic access to technical communication.

I graduated in Technical Communication (B.A.) and Communication and Media Management (M.Sc.) at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences.

Currently I am a visiting researcher at the department for Cyber-Physical Systems of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence.

I'm located in Karlsruhe, Germany.


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Automatisierte Strukturierung von Benennungslisten


Seminar paper. Language and globalization management.

XML-basierte Entscheidungsbäume


Seminar paper. XML-based information and content management.

Dynamische Filterung von benutzerorientierten Inhalten auf Basis eines Content-Management-Systems


Bachelor thesis. Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences.


Wie kann iiRDS die Zukunft des Content Delivery beeinflussen?

Jan Oevermann (ICMS) and Wolfgang Ziegler (I4ICM) 2018

Talk at Content Delivery Symposium 2018. I4ICM/ICMS, Esslingen, Germany

Erfolgsfaktoren und Herausforderungen bei der Softwareeinführung

Jan Oevermann (ICMS) 2018

Talk at KMU IT Network 2018. IHK Schwaben, Augsburg, Germany

Intelligent Information for Smart Users

Jan Oevermann (tekom) 2018

Invited Talk at tcworld India 2018, Bangalore, India

Semantic Access to Technical Documentation - Utilizing Machine Learning and Semantic Technologies

Jan Oevermann (University of Bremen) 2018

Invited talk at AGRA. University of Bremen, Bremen, Germany

Intelligente Klassifikationen – Anwendung und Automatisierung

Jan Oevermann (ICMS) and Philipp Tschöke (ICMS) 2017

Invited talk at tecom Feierabendgespräche. tecom, Zürich, Switzerland.

Semantischer Zugriff auf Technische Dokumentation - Automatisierte Klassifizierung von technischen Inhalten

Jan Oevermann (HsKA/ICMS) 2017

Talk at Content Delivery Symposium 2017. I4ICM/ICMS, Esslingen, Germany

Efficient Information Retrieval for Service Technicians - Utilizing Machine Learning and Linked Data Technologies

Jan Oevermann (HsKA) 2017

Short talk at UA Reloaded 2017. SAP/tekom, St. Leon-Rot, Germany



Automated classification and PDF segmentation in your browser.


Self management and documentation tool. Tasks, notes and time tracking.


Some really flat German jokes - delivered by a FaaS infrastructure.


German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI)

Visiting researcher

iiRDS Consortium

Member of the Steering Committee